The last minutes of Metropolitan Philip

The artist is Novoskoltsev

Novoskoltsev gained popularity with his historical canvases for stories from the Oprichnina era. The theme of the canvas “The last minutes of Metropolitan Philip” was the tragic fate of the Holy of the Russian Orthodox Church, fearlessly denouncing Ivan the Terrible in crimes against innocent people and demanding the cessation of mass torture and executions. In 1568, at the insistence of Ivan the Terrible, the church cathedral was convened, on which Philip, with the help of false witnesses, was accused of various crimes. The inhabited metropolitan, raising in a monastic cassock, was imprisoned in one of the abode. A year later, when Philip was in the Tversky, the monastery, the oprichnik, appeared to him, Malyuta Skuratov strangled him, telling the monastery authorities that the metropolitan died to his negligence. The artist tried to solve this historical scene as a moral duel of two antipodes, as a clash of good and evil. (E. Sh.)

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. With. 109.

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