The inner appearance of the Church of John the Theologian on Ishna near Rostov Yaroslavl

The artist is Vereshchagin

In 1887–1888, Vereshchagin makes trips to the cities of Russia. He is passionate about the world of national antiquity, in a short time collects a unique collection of objects of folk life, Russian national costume, is engaged in the study of ancient Russian architecture, with ardor he acts in their defense. The sketches created as a result of trips to Rostov, Kostroma, Yaroslavl reveal the skill of the mature artist in its entirety, reveal his subtle understanding of the special beauty of Russian nature and ancient architecture. This study among several others entered the collection from a permanent exhibition of the OPX. They are written three kilometers southwest of Rostov, in a small village of theologian. The Church of John the Theologian on the Ishne River was built in 1687 by the Archimandrite of the Abrahamievsky Gerasim in memory of the phenomenon at this place of John the Theologian Abraham Rostovsky. In its common composition, it belongs to the type of tier churches common in Russia at the end of the 17th century. The temple on a high basement affects the perfection of precisely found proportions and the ratio of volumes. His interior still makes no less impression than the outer look. A low, semi -valuable gallery with flax windows contrasts sharply with a high, light space of the temple itself and a refectory. The iconostasis and carved gilded royal gates of the work of the master Isaiah complement this impression. (Currently, images from the iconostasis and carved gilded royal gates are exhibited in the State Museum-Reserve “Rostov Kremlin”, the branch of which is the Church). All this allowed the artist to create an amazingly thinest sketch in beauty. In them, the drawing is combined with a thin, multi -color palette: paints of icons, gold and silver of salaries and candelabras shine in a half -water of the church interior. The artist created a picturesque image of Russian antiquity, in which the delight of a great artist is felt before beauty created by the hands of a Russian man.

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