Portrait of the artist a. N. Benois

The artist is the tsionoginsky

Benoit Alexander Nikolaevich (1870, St. Petersburg – 1960, Paris) – painter, graphic artist, theater artist, art critic, theorist and art historian, museum figure.

The freedom of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1887-1888), then engaged in the leadership of his brother, Albert Nikolayevich, chairman of the Society of Russian Watercolists.

In 1890-1894 he studied at St. Petersburg University. Inspirer, one of the organizers and the main theorist of society "World of Art". Member "Union of Russian artists" (1903-1910), lifelong member "Autumn salon" in Paris. The most prominent representative of the artistic dynasty Benois.

He began working as a theater artist since 1900, and since 1907 and as a director. In the 1890-1910s, he traveled a lot in Europe. In 1917 – one of the organizers of the Commission on Arts for negotiations with the Provisional Government on the protection of art monuments and antiquity. Since 1917 – Member of the Hermitage Council. In 1918-1926 – Guardian of the Department of French and English Painting in the State Hermitage. Since 1926 he constantly lived in Paris. He worked a lot to decorate the performances of the theaters of Paris and Milan.

The main topics of the work are Russia and France XVIII – early XIX centuries. Author of a number of series of graphic works, including "Versailles" (1905-1906), a cycle of compositions on historical topics, landscapes of St. Petersburg and environs.

Worked a lot in book graphics. He left memories.

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