Portrait of Countess Natalia Petrovna Golovina, in the second marriage Goloshchapova

The artist is Repin

A friendly attitude and. E. Repin to the Russian Museum contributed to the fact that the artist’s collection of works took one of the leading places in his collection. It is unique in its artistic significance and volume. On the eve of the opening, in 1897, he gave the museum a portrait of Countess N. Golovina.

The type of ceremonial female portrait was one of the most common in Russian and Western European painting of the second half of the 19th century. Repin was far from creating a kind of stereotype of secular beauties. And, although the portrait was made according to all the rules of the European front picture, he is distinguished by the amazing gift of the artist to convey the main "idea" era in private fate and characters of people. One of the most attractive features of Repin’s creativity is closely connected with the Russian democratic aesthetics of the second half of the 19th century – the ability to reveal the charm of simplicity. He was an amazingly subtle and smart master in the transfer of the enchanting charm of the female image. Like no one else and. E. Repin could grab and reproduce the thinnest nuances of the inner and external appearance of a woman, her bright and pure beginning. Contemporaries called him "Master of human studies", Thus, having determined him a high pedestal, which he occupied in European portrait art of the second half of the 19th century.

In the portrait of Countess Natalia Golovina, the expressive profile of a stately lady becomes even more attractive due to the quick and light touch of the brush, masterfully transmitting the texture of the pink dress and cloaks with mining fur.

Golovina (in the second marriage of Goloshchapova) Natalia Petrovna – wife of Count N. F. Golovina.

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