Portrait of Alexander Verzhbilovich

The artist is Repin

Repin was the most important emotional source of inspiration of Repin, the only capable, in his conviction, cause tears of true love. As a result, a significant place in the portrait work of Repin was occupied by images of composers and musicians. These were laconic and at the same time capacious artistic images of representatives of the musical elite, with many of which Repin became closer after moving from Moscow to St. Petersburg in 1882. At the same time, the variety of compositional productions is noteworthy: waist, generated or at full height.

The correctly found angle made it possible to convince Mitrofan Belyaev, the uncontrollable energy of Anton Rubinstein, the innate modesty of Alexander Borodin, the confidence of the soloist-vilolist Alexander Verzhbilovich or the liberated kindness of Anatoly Lyadov.

Verzhbilovich Alexander Valerianovich (1850–1911) – cellist.

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