Portrait n.N. Ge

The artist is Yaroshenko

The personality of Nikolai Nikolayevich Ge – the senior comrade in art, friend and like -minded person – always caused a painter in deep respect.
Being a professional portraitter, he put his human and artistic affection in the canvas. The creator of the significant cycle of paintings for the gospel plots is depicted in his workshop during the period of work on the picture "That there is truth?" ("Christ and Pilate"). It was this picture, brought by the author to St. Petersburg and intended for exhibiting at the next mobile exhibition, which, by order of the authorities, was not only prohibited for showing, but even removed from the catalog. Then the author of the portrait and "Sheltered", In the words n.N. Ge, his seditious work in his apartment on Sergievskaya Street. Thus, the portrait became evidence of the open moral support of the old master who was attacked and persecuted – the features of a man who was pronounced the truth, designed to teach and bring people the truth of the Holy Scriptures, are emphasized in his image. No wonder there is something in it "Apostolic".
In the characterization of his character, a deep interest in which the painter felt throughout his creative life, he is close to the assessment of.N. Tolstoy: "Ge between all modern artists and Russians and foreign … It’s like Mont Blanc".

Ge Nikolai Nikolaevich (1831, Voronezh –1894, farm Ivanovo Borzensky district of Chernihiv lips.)
Painter. Professor of historical and portrait painting (since 1863).
Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts at P.AT. Basina (1850-1857), after graduating from a pensioner trip to Italy (1857-1863). In 1864-1869 he lived and worked in Italy. Made trips to Germany, Austria, France. Since 1870 he lived in St. Petersburg. One of the organizers and active participants "Mobile art exhibition partnerships".
Author of paintings on historical topics and gospel plots. In the 1880-1890s-a follower of religious and moral doctrine.N. Tolstoy. In painting, he strove for philosophical and ethical generalizations. Late works reveal primarily the moral problems of the image of Christ.

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