Lady in lilac (portrait n. And. Zabeli-Brubel)

The artist is Vrubel

Zabel-Vrubel Nadezhda Ivanovna (1868–1913)-the wife of the artist, singer. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory (1891), performed on the stage of the Moscow private opera from. And. Mamontova (1897–1902).

This portrait, characterized by a philosophical understanding of nature and the monumentality of a general decision, embodied important features of the artist of the last years of his work. The actress is captured during rest, judging by the reflections of the light on her face, by the lit fireplace, as he liked to portray his wife at this time Vrubel. However, in her appearance, it is felt not in peace, but the intensive work of thought, internal tension, emphasized and color system of canvas.

Unlike most of the wife’s portraits created by Vrubel, not a poetic principle dominate in the image, but the tragic, characteristic of the late vision of the artist. It is also supported by painting, sustained in blue-violet “Vrubel” tones; The smear is indicative – expressive, nervous and at the same time extremely accurate and economical. Virtuoso, with separate blows of the brush, a light fabric of the dress is written through which hands shine through; two round masks laid down nearby – white and yellow – handed over the splendor of the golden engagement ring.

The portrait has a great impressive force, despite the fact that it is, in fact, only a quick study, on which even the face is not finally spelled out, and the dress and chair are left in places in the lodging. The portrait was launched on a part of a large canvas containing a composition of two figures – the prophet and Seraphim, as evidenced by the legs and wings remaining from the previously written picture in the lower part of the canvas. The portrait was affected by the amazing coloristic gift of the artist who could accurately connect and unite in color two different in character and multi -time images. (AND. P.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. With. 91.

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