The artist is Makovsky

The fact that the way and the harmony of the peasant family were rather pastoral fantasy than reality is evidenced by the work of Vladimir Makovsky “The Superor” (1888). The custom of the daughter -in -law, when the head of the family could have been sexualized with his son’s wife, although he was considered a sin, but was not condemned openly. He tells not only the fullness of the leader’s power, a “big man” in a patriarchal family, which could turn around and arbitrariness, but also about the nature of the relationship in it. Family as a territory of love, mutual support and attention that we want to see it today, the phenomenon is not so ancient, and the search for its samples in gray old people lead us to the field of myth. Lyubov Shakirova. Family album of the Russian Museum // Portrait of Family. SPb, 2014. With. 10.

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