On the mountains

The artist is Nesterov

A number of paintings m. AT. Nesterova is dedicated to life in the Old Believers, in the forest volgery. Nesterov perfectly depicts a costume – folds of a heavy old sundress, wears a special manner of a scarf adopted by the Old Believers. Women’s folk costume in Russia of the XVIII – XX centuries. SPb, 2013. With.79.

Nesterov was passionate about the novels of Pavel Melnikov (Andrei Pechersky) “In the Forests” and “On the Mountains”, who transferred the reader to the colorful environment of the Volga Old Believers. The impression of what was read was so strong that the birth of a “poetic novel” in the paintings dedicated to the dramatic female fate served. This plan took shape in Nesterov gradually, as the topic was developed, but ultimately assumed the creation of five paintings.

The painting “On the Mountains” (Knmri) was the first work of the cycle. In the picture, the artist wanted to show the passionate languor of a pure, loving, dreamy soul, whose bright impulses do not recut. A peculiar equivalent of the inner world of the girl was a wonderful Ufa landscape, conquering a wide expanse. Such a choice of the artist had the other side, historical: the Old Believers fled for centuries for centuries, fleeing the persecution of the state and the official Church in the Urals. Here, according to Nesterov’s plan, the events of the rest of the drama should have unfolded. Pavel Klimov. Kitezh’s charm // Mikhail Nesterov. SPb, 2012. With. nineteen.

The Russian Museum contains a small sketch of the picture "On the mountains".

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