Elbrus in the clouds

The artist is Yaroshenko

The Caucasus has long been attracted by N.AND. Yaroshenko. The first Caucasian sketches in his albums retained landscapes, portraits of highlanders and grills in national costumes (1874). After resigning, an artist suffering from a heavy consumption, together with his wife Maria Pavlovna moved from St. Petersburg to Kislovodsk. In the estate of the artist "White villa" A large society of famous artists, scientists, artists gathered, including m.AT. Nesterov, and.E. Repin, a.And. Kuindzhi, c.E. Borisov-Musatov and others. Together with the owner, they made trips along the Georgian and Military Ossetian roads, to Teberda, to the foot of Elbrus, bringing a large number of studies and sketches. Following a.With. Pushkin and m.YU. Lermontov N.AND. Yaroshenko discovered for compatriots of the beauty of the Caucasus, deserved, with a light hand, critic Vladimir Stasov, title "Portraitist of the mountains". But in Yaroshenko they were distinguished by spirituality and majesty.

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