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Even from a long distance, this picture attracts our attention with a sweeping manner of performance. With its intense color and bright pattern, it resembles a colorful carpet. Approaching, you can distinguish between two large figures of peasant women – they seem to pose, flaunt before us. Their faces and hands are clearly visible, but the rest of the details are drowning in an expressive stream of strokes, conventionally outlining wandering dresses and hemispheres. Splasty figures, flowing fabrics of clothes occupying the entire surface of the canvas, create the impression of a decorative plane, which even voluminous heads do not interfere. In memory, images of Russian folk art involuntarily stand.

Similar temperamentally executed canvases, devoid of the plot, genre principle, but possessing a bright and intense color, earned noisy glory to the artist Philip Malyavin, a student of Repin. Although the faces of his characters have specific features, there is some mystery in them. It is no accident that one of the critics – contemporaries of the author wrote that in his works “…There is always an involuntary and vague unraveling of something special in the Russian spirit, some kind of reflection of fires, a “red rooster” and the smell of blood, which flooded Russian folk history, cries of clicks, riveting of villages, flickering of a woman’s riot ”flickering”.

All these works, somehow demonstrating the originality of Russian national painting, of course, made a great impression on foreign spectators. But the canvases of representatives of the Moscow school who wrote in the recognized truly French impressionistic manner, especially the work of Konstantin Korovin, caused no less delight.

E.AT.Amphilokhiev, e.AT.Stankevich and N.AND.Fedorova. Materials for a virtual tour of the exhibition "Diaghilev. Start". 2009

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The heroine of the cloth of Philip Malyavin „Women “ – residents of the villages of the Ryazan province in their bright, woven by a motley pattern of festive clothes. The picture recreated raised over commonplace, romanticized images of women from the people.

Strong and healthy, full of self -esteem, they are distinguished by integrity of characters and internal power. Significant faces of the depicted, the expressions of their eyes are embarrassed and mysterious, screaming and flames of scarlet paints of outfits, aggravated by the harmony – contrast of green tones. Powerful and inspired, temperamental letter enhances the expression of images.

In 1906, the picture was shown by Diaghilev in the exposition „World of art “, as well as at exhibitions of Russian art in Paris and Berlin. Vladimir Kruglov // Diaghilev and his era. SPb, 2001. With. 140.

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Fasted and remote women depicted in the picture are a bright peasant type, visual embodiment of physical power, temperament, a popular understanding of beauty. Exceptional absorption with these images replaced the portrait genre itself from the sphere of interests, with which the beginning of the creative path of the painter.

Most of the artist’s paintings at that time were peasant women in the village of Aksinino near Ryazan, where he built a large workshop for himself. Major, bright, fiery flavor plays a decisive role in creating the emotional system of the picture. According to m. AND. Vrubel, admiring the latitude of the letter and the identity of the artist’s work, he had a rare gift "onslaught and delight", Inspired tension of attitude.

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