The entrance of the Russian squadron to the Toon Raid

The artist is Blinov

The interest of Emperor Alexander III in the sea, his attention to the development of the navy, strengthen the positions of Russia on the seas and the search for new allies are well known. In this context, the visit of the French fleet to Kronstadt (1891) and the response-the Russian fleet in Tuno (1893) became symbolic events that attracted the attention of many Marinist artists.

Julia Solonovich. The sea trips of Alexander III to Denmark and Finland // Alexander III. Emperor and collector. SPb, 2019. C. 143–144.

On October 1 (13), 1893, the Russian squadron arrived in Tun, under the command of Admiral Avlan, as part of the battleship “Emperor Nicholas”, the cruisers “Memory of Azov”, “Admiral Nakhimov”, “Rynda” and the gunboat “Terets”. Read more>>>

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