Suffer time (Kostsey)

The artist is meat -eaters

This light canvas is filled with a joyful mood. The theme of peasant labor excited many Russian artists, but no one before Myasoedov decided it in such an optimistic way, with such a force of truth. The impression of a working rise united people, a bright summer day, a violent flowering of nature, the width of Russian fields creates a living atmosphere of village suffering. Exhibition catalog in Malaga “Seasons. Works from the collection of the Russian Museum “. 2015. With. 80. The cord inherent in the peasant in field work, the seriousness and internal composure are especially well expressed in the image of an elderly kosar, which captivates the rest. The smooth fluidity of the main lines diagonally, which the clouds in the sky echoes, the uniformity of the distances between the Kossey – all this gives rise to the impression of the rhythm of their labor. It seems as if the Kosets are moving right on the viewer. There is some magnificent beauty in the landscape, as if personifying the power of the Earth cultivated by a person, and in the figures of peasants growing from the ears of ears, the images of which are harmoniously merged with nature.

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