Six -winged Seraphim

The artist is Vrubel

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Tomim with spiritual thirst,

In the gloomy desert, I powered,

And six -winged Seraphim

At the crossroads appeared to me.


And he is to my mouth,

And pulled my sinful language ..


And he cut my chest with a sword,

And his heart took out a trembling,

And the coal glowing with fire,

I moved the open in the chest.

The fiery crown shines on the head of a six -winged Seraphim, the plumage of powerful wings shimmers with a precious pattern. His face is motionless, the gaze of wide -open eyes is harsh. Hands are in the prayer. In one of them, entwined with a snake, he holds a sword, in the other – censer with burning coals. In all his appearance, solemn, extraterrestrial greatness. Like a reminder of the heavenly world from where it appeared, the surrounding angel is a special, ringing blue.

The attributes with which the angel is depicted indicate a literary source to which the plot of the picture rises – the famous poem of Alexander Pushkin “Prophet”.

In the Old Testament, in the book of the Prophet Isaiah, it tells about the vision of the throne of the Lord, surrounded by seraphims, occupying the highest place in the hierarchy of angelic ranks. One of them took the coal from the altar and, flying up to Isaiah, touched his mouth with the words: “And your lawlessness is separated from you, and your sin is cleansed…””. So Isaia was cleared of sins and prepared for prophetic service.

The monumentality of the olbel canvas, its composition, the very nature of painting, reminiscent of a mosaic, speak of relations with the traditions of the Byzantine-Dverhrus art, which the artist met, restoring ancient frescoes in Kyiv. This art turned out to be a consonant with a painter who dreamed of “wake up from the little things of the everyday with majestic images”.

In the last years of life, the topic of prophecy has repeatedly arose in the work of Vrubel. The master himself believed that the artist’s talent and his vocation should be like the gift and mission of the Prophet.

Six -winged Seraphim was the last large linen of Vrubel, written by him in the interval between the attacks of a serious illness.

A bright accent, striking a riot of color, appeared at the exhibition of the work of Malyavin.

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The last large work of the master, written by him in the interval between the attacks of a serious illness. A mighty angel in a sparkling rainbow plumage continues the through the artist’s theme and at the same time associated with the theme of the prophet. To the centenary a.With. Pushkin artist illustrated his famous poem "Prophet". He was close and languor "spiritual thirst" among "Gloomy desert", And the call of the poet "verb bell the hearts of people". All this corresponded to the secret thoughts of the painter about the high purpose of art. On the sheet of Seraphim is crowned with a fiery crown, his hands are erected: in one, entwined with a snake, he holds a sword, in the other – a cadillate with flaming coals.

Features of the painting of the master, the monumentality of the canvas indicate a deep philosophical understanding by the master of the traditions of Byzantine and Old Russian art, the study of the icon, mosaics, frescoes by him. He considered his main task "wake the soul with magnificent images from the little things of everyday life".

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