The artist is Levitan

The painting “Silence” was created by Levitan after the summer stay on the Bogorodskoye estate near the Sunfolnichnaya station, 60 miles from Moscow. This work full of peaceful poetry is written in the late period of the artist’s work: continuing the traditions of realistic landscape painting of the second half of the 19th century, he at the same time seeks other ways in art, develops a new type of lyrical-epic landscape, achieves more generalization and laconicism of forms, which reports, reports special expressiveness of the images created by him.

Turning to the simplest, unpretentious motive of rural nature, Levitan, according to M. AT. Nesterova, shows “that modest and secret that lurks in every Russian landscape is his soul, his charm”. The dark surface of the sleepy, silent river, bordered by a steep curved shore, leading a look at the blue Dahls, to the village and forest on the horizon, illuminated by a pale light, a red cloudy sky with white, as if blurring from the clouds, reflected in the water along with the shore and located on the shore and located on the shore and located on its edge with sheds – all this seems immersed in silence, a covered mood of thoughtfulness.

The picture is built on wide planes, on large color spots that contribute to monumentalization of the image. Stronging for the generalization of the forms, Levitan at the same time saturates the work with characteristic details – this is a light path, and a thin birch with a gently whitening trunk, and the stripes of arable land in the distance. Nature in the picture is not only warmed by the proximity of man, but also inspired by a truly human feeling and mood. Muffled, restrained tones give rise to the impression of dusk descending to the ground. At the same time, the bright yellow spot of the bare sandy shore, illuminated by the moonlight, the greens of the grass, the yellowish blade and the almost black strip of the forest increase the emotional sound of a thinly nuanced, complicated color resolution of the landscape. The expressiveness of the image is also contributed to the gravacy of soft, smooth lines that underlie the composition. They enhance the sense of the latitude of space. The artist managed to create a collective image of a medium -Russian nature. The motive of evening twilight often attracted Levitan. The charm of this benevolent state of nature, when, it seems, nothing will move, it is especially penetrated by it in the later years.

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