“Saryn to Kichka!””

The artist is Ivanov

Ivanov’s appeal to the topic related to Stepan Razin is very organic for an artist, in whose work interest in pre -Petrine Russian history, which often bore a critical coloring, was combined with a sympathetic attitude to the revolutionary struggle of the people for freedom and justice.

“Saryn to Kichka!” – the ancient expression of the Volga robbers, which made all those who were on the ship go to the brush (the elevated nasal part of the boat) and lie down while robbery was committed. Thieves’ sorties on the Volga were an important revenue part of the life of the Cossacks, and they were considered by one of the forms of confiscation of unfairly accumulated wealth.

Sergei Ivanov depicted the scene of one of such attacks, led by Stepan Razin, whose figure full of energy and deleted, rises in the stern. Razin was the leader of the popular uprising in the era of Alexei Mikhailovich, who became the largest in the 17th century. Sergey Krivondenchenkov. Exhibition catalog in Malaga "The Romanov dynasty". 2017. With. 116/117.

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