Pushkin on the top of Ai-Petri at sunrise

The artist is Aivazovsky

A unique work of the late period of Aivazovsky. It is the only one in the collection of the Russian Museum from the Pushkin theme dedicated to the Pushkin theme, on which the artist worked since the 1830s. The picture has an important historical and cultural meaning. It was completed by the author on the day of the century from the birthday of the poet, then it was exhibited at the famous "Pushkinskaya" Exhibition in the capital (1899). The canvas was written in Feodosia according to the recollections of conversations with the friend of Pushkin n. N. Raevsky (junior), under which Aivazovsky, a graduate of the Academy, in the summer of 1839 participated in a military expedition to Megrelia. The real event of May 1820 was depicted, when Pushkin spent a number of days in the hospitable house of Raevsky in Gurzuf. Enriching the artistic image, the master introduced the motive into the work "planetary" Bravelessness of earth’s space. Preparatory drawing-a picture to the picture- "Pushkin in the Crimea" (1899, timing, R-33021)-placed on a sheet of the artist’s diary with the text of a draft of his letter, marked with the beginning of May 1899, n. N. Kuzmin, his first biographer. It reports on work on the picture.

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