Princes Boris and Gleb

The artist is Ryabushkin

Holy Martyrs Princes Boris and Gleb (mind. 1015)

Rostov Prince Boris and Murom Prince Gleb (in baptism Roman and David) are the youngest sons of the great Kyiv Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich and his pagan wife “Bulgarian”. In the internecine struggle, which broke out in 1015 after the death of their father, they killed the Kyiv Grand Duke of the elder brother, Svyatopolk, who had captured the sympathy of the people and the squads made Boris a dangerous rival for him. The brothers, as the annals, life and hagiographic legends testify, meekly and with humility accepted death at the hands of the killers sent by Svyatopolk. Among some historiographers, there is an assumption that in fact, it is not he who is to blame for the death of the brothers, but their other brother – Yaroslav wise. This opinion is based on the fact that Boris and Gleb, the only from the sons of Vladimir, announced their fidelity to the new Kyiv prince and pledged to “honor him as their father”. Therefore, for Svyatopolk it would be very strange to kill his allies. Boris and Gleb were the first Russian saints, intercessors of Russian land and heavenly assistants to Russian princes. Their canonization most likely occurred in 1072. The brothers were introduced to the face of martyrs-strap-country people who accepted death from co-religionists. Their martyrdom consisted in malicious and non -resistance to enemies. The relics of the holy brothers were lost during the invasion of Batu to Kyiv in 1240. (TO. F.)

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