Grought by a fur coat from the royal shoulder

The artist is Ryabushkin

Andrei Ryabushkin was in love with Russia of the XVII century, into its culture, life, traditions. In them, he saw an inexhaustible source of aesthetic, philosophical and moral wealth that can feed contemporary art. This love was not determined by the search for a historical ideal, therefore, often in the works of Ryabushkin, humorous and even ironic notes slipped. In the film “Grought by a fur coat from the royal shoulder,” the artist portrayed a successful courtier, just marked by the tsarist gift. A pink face, shining with pleasure and a complete sense of superiority over himself with his own kind, cannot but cause smiles. But the artist does not seek to concentrate attention on this. He carefully prescribes a complex pattern on a luxurious fur coat, masterfully recreates overflows of satin matter. And this, of course, softens the author’s irony.

Pavel Klimov. Exhibition catalog in Malaga "The Romanov dynasty". 2017. With. 118/119.

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