Gloomy day

The artist is Levitan

The picture of Levitan „Gloomy afternoon, “depicting a complex state of nature in a short moment, is distinguished by the purity and wealth of shades of silver tones, lightness and energy of writing, impressive generalization and expression of the image. The view of the lake with deserted shores on a cloudy day of summer is deprived of despondency, permeated with light, a profuse game of shadows and reflections, musical in their system. The work is a wonderful sample of virtuoso ownership of the technique of pastel. Vladimir Kruglov // Diaghilev and his era. SPb, 2001. With. 23.

Impressionistic work in the work of Levitan, leading master „mood of the mood “arose as sudden „Outbreaks “-Oblings, giving indisputable masterpieces of national impressionistic painting in the 1890s. The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 220.

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