The artist is Bogdanov -Belsky

In the works of n. P. Bogdanov-Belsky, who was engaged in genrees in. E. Makovsky and and. M. Pryanishnikova at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1884-1889, an interest in the children’s topic was in a peculiar way. A peasant by birth, he knew the characters of his little heroes – village children, immersed in thought, concentratedly considering books listening to the teacher. The artist especially loved the topic of the rural school. Most of the paintings of Bogdanov-Belsky, who narrated about the Russian village of the New Age and affirmed the idea of ​​the giftedness of the peasantry and the need for education for him, are dedicated to her. This idea was guided in those years and many progressive teachers of Russia. A number of Bogdanov-Belsky paintings depicts an exemplary school with. AND. Rachinsky in Tatev, which the painter once ended. True, sometimes, dreaming of many exemplary schools for peasant children, he to some extent idealized the appearance and characters of the characters, their relationship.

Such features are deprived of a picture "Composition". Its large size emphasizes the importance, social significance of the chosen topic. At the center of the distinguishing simplicity of the composition – the figure of a teenager sitting at a desk, as if highlighted by a ray from a half. The canvas is thoroughly executed in the gamut of hoarse tones. Full of natural grace of the hero’s pose in poor clothes, touching his pretty pale face at the moment "mental" process. It is precisely the Motive of thought, who often fascinated the artist, allows him to reveal in the character of a peasant schoolboy an inquisitiveness of the mind, a sincere enthusiasm for the process of teaching – the features that in the future will help the boy become a worthy person. Bogdanov-Belsky with all his work asserted faith in this. In 1903, when the picture appeared "Composition", For merits to domestic art, the artist was awarded the title of academician of painting.

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