Coal collection poor at the developed mine

The artist is Kasatkin

Nikolai Kasatkin was the first of Russian artists to turn to an industrial topic, creating a series of images of miners and metallurgists, their wives and children. "Coal collection", One of the early among such paintings, thoroughly tells about the daily life of the wives and de-deeh of the miners of the village of Shakhty, revealing one of the gloomy paradoxes of the coming-shaped era in Russia. The expressiveness of the scene, solved as a everyday, repeatedly repeated, enhances the natural environment of a disfigured predatory development of coal, the lifeless landscape of the Donbass with the mountains of the breed dumps. It is filled to the horizon by figures of people swarming in the ground. In adherence to the mournful motives of Russian life, a modest, dark-skinned color Kasatkin and in 1890-10 remained a faithful follower of his teacher Vasily Perov.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 223.

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