The artist is Kuindzhi

The mysterious and innermost life of nature, immersed in the half, is the motive of one of the most soulful landscapes of the later -year -olds who is close to the Symbolists „Twilight “(1890-1895). The decorativeness of the artistic system enhances the expressiveness of the work. The dark hill with a rickety cross and snaking roads, generalized hut spots, bizarre silhouette protruding against the background of an olive starry sky, a thin lunar sickle among purple clouds – all this is full of melancholic poetry. The landscape pierced by a pantheistic feeling brings a philosophical thought about the mortality of human life, flickering a small light near the great world of nature.

Irina Shuvalova. Kuindzhi in the Russian Museum // Arkhip Kuindzhi. SPb, 2010. With.twenty.

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