Twilight. Moon

The artist is Levitan

The motive of dusk descending to the ground often attracted the artist. The charm of this pacified state of nature was especially imbued with him in the later years of life. Painting „Twilight. The moon “was executed in the period marked by the tense creative thoughts of the master, looking for a means of maximum emotional expressiveness of the image, striving for the severity of its sound. The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 221.

In melancholy, pierced by subtle musicality of Levitan images, contemporaries reflected the experiences of a lonely and suffering soul, close to people „end of the century “. „Twilight. Moon “ – a wonderful example of the mature work of this largest Russian master „mood of the mood “. Ghostly moonlight, lake mirror, „doubled “the world, transformed the landscape, making it at the same time „similar – unlike “. Spiritualized and closed in his secrets, alienated and cold for a person, he froze in a hazardous ritual „the present “to your sad lumina. Vladimir Kruglov // Diaghilev and his era. SPb, 2001. With. 23.

The artist wrote: "There is no better country than Russia … Only in Russia can a real landscape work". The realistic playiery landscape in his work reaches the highest heyday thanks to poetic spirituality, laconicism and intimate sad intonation.

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