Moscow courtyard

Artist – Polenov

Polenov often turned to the repetition of his works. The collections of the Russian Museum are one of the late options for its well -known picture of 1878 „Moscow courtyard “.

The artist depicts a typical corner of old Moscow. The poetry of peaceful being, a joyful attitude, admiring a leisurely, slightly lazy course of life fill the canvas. Landscape and genre are in close interconnection.

Of particular importance of the picture for both the artist’s work and the Russian landscape is that in it the skill of Polenov-Pleanerist was fully revealed. Avoiding dark tones, he writes with light colors, muffling them with reflexes, avoids color contrasts. Painting is permeated with light, the space is filled with air. The picture became a kind of symbol of old Moscow.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 213.

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