The last snow

The artist is Purvit

Wilhelm Purvit (Purvitis) – master of the landscape, representative of Art Nouveau, one of the founders of modern Latvian art, was born on a farm near Riga. At the age of 18 he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in the class of Professor A. And. Kuindzhi. It is believed that Purvit was one of the most promising students of a famous master. Already in the earliest works there are a truly picturesque nature of the talent of a young artist. In 1897, he successfully graduated from the academy. In May 1898, together with other students, Kuindzhi Purvit went on a trip to Europe. A particularly great impression on the artist was acquainted with the painting of French and German impressionists. His best works, written under the influence of European art “Last Snow” and “The Beginning of Spring”, represent us Purvit an artist who is peculiarly interpreting the life of nature. These works largely follow the general orientation of the Russian landscape of those years, the landscape of an intimate, modest. The plots of the works are relatively simple, usually deprived of any plot-human element. Hills and fields that go into infinity. Cold rivers, translucent trees and few buildings … The compositions resemble the work of Levitan, but they do not have a “Levitan” sad elegance, the color is more sound and partly even decorative.

In canvas "The last snow" The decorativeness of a generalized and monumental form is combined with the life freshness of impressions from nature. Exhibition catalog in Malaga “Seasons. Works from the collection of the Russian Museum “. 2015. With. 59.

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