Sunset effect

The artist is Kuindzhi

The metaphorical expression of the universal essence of the heavenly phenomena of steel and late „Sunset “The artist. Written with rare color expression, they make up a whole suite. Unlike the Wanderers who attached important importance „the species “beginning, Kuindzhi often resorted to repeat and varying motives.

Continuing to develop an unusual, begun in „The “light-flower system that transforms the scene of the landscape, Kuindzhi opens all new opportunities in Ukraine. At the same time, trying to approach the power of the color that exists in nature, he seeks in the sunsets such picturesque relationships in which the romantic perception of the world would be both undoubted truth and a poetic way

Irina Shuvalova. Kuindzhi in the Russian Museum // Arkhip Kuindzhi. SPb, 2010. With.24.

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