Wedding in Cuba

Cuba is a bright and distinctive state and, of course, if you have already fulfilled your dream and will soon go to the homeland of Che Guevara, an island that is in another part of the world, then obviously you would like to bring the “most Cuban” souvenirs from there. Of course, it will not do without things with the image of Che and cigars, but besides this there is still a lot of interesting things! It is worth considering that it is better to buy everything in licensed stores attached to the hotel, or in large shopping centers. If you buy something in the market or in a small shop, you need to ask about the export license, and also beware of fakes. In large stores you can pay in dollars, in the markets – pesos. So, go ahead – collect the unique image of Cuba!


Cuban cigars are in the first place for a reason – this is really a visiting card of Cuba and one of the most popular souvenirs, because they are real here. Cigars are produced in a large assortment, but those that are handmade are especially appreciated. In order not to be disappointed, you must be careful not to fake it: branded cigars are sold in a cedar box marked “Hecho in Cuba totalmente a mano” (“Made in Cuba, handmade”), there should also be a seal and a white ribbon on the box, which says “Habanos” (national tobacco company) in red.

A tourist has the right to take out no more than 50 cigars without presenting a check. With a check, you can take out more than two hundred cigars. The best varieties are considered: “Cohiba”, “Partagas”, “Montecristo”, “Cuaba”, such varieties as “Trinidad”, “Montecristo”, “Partagas”, “Romeo y Julieta” are also popular. In total, Cuba produces 35 brands of cigars, 80 varieties. They are made from black Hawaiian tobacco. A medium length cigar is a 130-140 mm cigar.

Even if you yourself do not smoke, keep in mind that any smoking friend would be extremely grateful if you would bring some real fragrant cigars from Cuba as a gift.