Resort Varadero

Monthly water temperature


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• The map displays the monthly averages of daily air temperature or sea water temperature.

The last spring month is considered in Cuba the official start of the rainy season. However, this does not mean at all that the rain will be pouring here every day and all day, without stopping. Precipitation in May will be definitely more than in February. But the rainy days this month are usually fixed no more than seven, and the rain pours for two from the strength of three hours. Since the clouds run in and pour in a bright and cheerful shower most often closer to dinner, they do not spoil the tourists at all, because everyone is trying to spend siesta somewhere somewhere closer to the restaurant or their room. Some lovers of swimming in the rain even especially like the weather in May because of the opportunity to meet tropical rain in warm ocean waters.

In the capital of Cuba – the legendary Havana, the daily air temperature reaches almost a yearly maximum, holding at + 29 … + 30 degrees Celsius. It is also very warm at night, the temperature does not fall below + 21 … + 22 degrees. The amount of precipitation, which has significantly increased compared to the previous month, reaches 98 mm, but it still does not very much affect the level of air humidity, which is 74% and, therefore, becomes slightly higher compared to the minimum level observed in March and April. The water temperature in the ocean off the coast of Havana also remains March and it is very, very warm – +27.

The city, washed from all sides by the salty waters of the Varadero ocean, is even more sun-kissed than Havana. In the afternoon there is about + 30 … + 31 degrees in the shade. At night, it is warm and humid +21 degrees, and the amount of precipitation reaches 100 mm. The arrival of May marks the beginning of the rainy season and this is immediately reflected in the indicators of air humidity, which rises abruptly compared to April. The water temperature off the very long coast of Varadero is +27 degrees and in the waves here and there I flash the heads of swimming tourists. Locals say that the weather in May provides the most comfortable and enjoyable vacation just because the month is at the very break of the dry and rainy seasons.