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Tour operator “Dolphin” offers everyone a fascinating tour to St. Petersburg with a variety of excursion and entertainment programs. Tours to St. Petersburg from Moscow are quite popular not only among residents of the metropolitan city, but also its guests. The Dolphin team has developed a series of original tourist products, each of which is unique in its own way. Depending on preferences, travelers can choose the best option for themselves:

tours to St. Petersburg by bus or railway transport, hotel accommodation in Northern Palmyra of different stars, depending on your budget, individual selection of places of interest that you would like to visit, choice of date and period of travel as you wish. Bus tours to St. Petersburg

As practice of the Dolphin company shows, bus tours to St. Petersburg are the most attractive for tourists of different age groups. Today, the tour operator is ready to offer a whole range of sightseeing bus tours to St. Petersburg of various subjects, for example, seven-day trips “St. Petersburg Mosaic” or “New Year’s collection”. Each such trip is accompanied by professional experienced guides. Tourists are accommodated in comfortable hotels – the Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel, Polyustrovo, Petro Palace Hotel and other tourist complexes.

The advantage of the Moscow-St. Petersburg bus tours is the ability to cover many attractions and cultural centers in one trip. Considering that tourists choose their own excursion routes, they get an ideal opportunity to combine acquaintance with the heritage of the cultural capital of Russia with the implementation of their own entertainment program.

Weekend Tours

A trip to St. Petersburg for the weekend, what could be more romantic? This tourist destination is also in great demand among Muscovites. Spend a fascinating weekend will help qualified employees of “Dolphin, who regularly create new options for excursions to St. Petersburg for the weekend.