Sundries shop in Cuba
Shopping in Cuba

Cuba is the only socialist country located directly in the western hemisphere. Going on vacation to this heavenly place, make sure that you can bring home the most unusual gifts. If you are interested in shopping in Cuba, and you do not know what to buy, then it’s time to figure it out.

Cuban cigars

The real pride of Cuba is Cuban cigars and wonderful rum. The best cigars in the world in a beautiful cedar box with the famous marking “Hecho in Cuba totalmente a mano” will be a good gift. Varieties to choose from: Partagas, Montecristo, also Bolivar, Romeo and Juliet and others. If the check is not saved, then you can take out no more than 50 cigars from the country.


The most famous rum is considered to be the Havana Club brand. Produce it in Havana. You need to buy rum only in government stores. There are a lot of crafts on the market.

Aromatic Cuban Coffee

The coffee here is incredibly delicious. It is sold in almost any good state store. The best varieties are Cubita Arabica Serano, Turquino and Cubita. Coffee prices are pretty decent.

Various black coral products

Such products are in demand. Good bracelets, pendants, earrings and necklaces in a beautiful silver frame. Turtle shell, pearl and fruit seed products are also popular. You can buy them at flea markets.


Many tourists bring paintings of local artists from Cuba. Do not forget to draw up a document for transportation directly across the border. All crocodile leather products also require a certificate of export. For all connoisseurs of musical instruments, there are maracas, a tumbler, a bongo.

Knitted and leather goods

In the country you can buy high-quality dresses, swimwear, hammocks. Such a shopping in Cuba will appeal to every guest.

The difference in prices for tourists and Cubans

Cook in Cuba serves as a dollar substitute. Peso is the currency of the Cubans themselves. They pay with it everywhere. The difference in prices for visitors to the country and local residents is enormous. Absolutely everything that is sold and paid in cookies is quite expensive, and all that in national pesos is cheap.

The goal of state policy is for tourists to pay for everything in cookies. Often the same service for Cubans has the same price and is fundamentally different for foreigners. Let shopping in Cuba be unforgettable for you.