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Cuba attracts foreigners with its tropical climate, the opportunity to get an education for free, and one of the best healthcare systems in the world. But obtaining Cuban citizenship is extremely difficult and possible only in very rare cases.

Reasons for admission to Cuban citizenship A clear list of criteria that would serve as the basis for admission of foreigners to Cuban citizenship is not given in the legislation of this country.

There are certain guidelines establishing citizenship by birth and blood rights:

A child who was born in Cuba, regardless of the citizenship of his parents, is recognized as a citizen of the peninsula by birth. The child, the fact of birth is recorded abroad, receives Cuban citizenship if at least one of his parents has this status.

Obtaining citizenship of Cuba by naturalization, which is allowed today in many states, is impossible.

It is also not possible to obtain this status due to the ownership of real estate in Cuba: the country has a law that states that land, buildings and any real estate are public property.

Through marriage

Immigration to Cuba through marriage with a citizen of this state is by far the only way to officially settle in this country. However, not everything is so simple here: after marriage, a foreign spouse can only rely on a temporary residence permit, which can be extended an unlimited number of times.

You can apply for Cuban citizenship on the basis of marriage after a five-year period of marriage.

other methods

Owners of professions in demand in this country have good chances to acquire Cuban citizenship: cooks, teachers, drivers, translators, etc. Such specialists can immigrate to Cuba in two ways:

Independently come to the country and look for work. There should be no problems with employment, it will be difficult to find a well-paid job. While in Russia, apply to the Cuban Foreign Ministry with confirmation of your qualifications, after which information about you will be entered into the existing database of the country’s department. If a Cuban employer is interested in your candidacy, you will be able to immigrate to Cuba very soon. But, again, for starters you will be given a residence permit on the basis of an invitation to work.

Liberty Island does not recognize dual citizenship. Therefore, foreign citizens, before applying for admission to the citizenship of Cuba, are required to officially renounce their existing citizenship.

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