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The population of Cyprus is 780 thousand people. Ethnic composition: Greeks – 80%, Turks – 18%, other nationalities – 2%. Many foreigners, including Russians, choose Cyprus as their place of permanent residence, which is explained by their relatively low cost of living, excellent climate, low crime rate, as well as policies to promote offshore business.


The official language is Greek. English is widely used, less often French and German. Many hotels and restaurants have Russian-speaking staff and information in Russian.


The island of Cyprus is located between 34-35 degrees north latitude and 32-34 degrees east longitude in the northeastern Mediterranean basin at a distance of 380 km. from Egypt, 105 km. from Syria, 800 km. from mainland Greece. This third largest island of the Mediterranean Sea has an area of ​​9,251 sq km. Its maximum length is 240 km. from east to west and a maximum width of 100 km. from North to South. The nearest Greek islands are Rhodes and Karpasos, located 380 km away. to the west. The coastal line of the island is indented and rocky in the north, with long sandy coasts in the south. In the south-west is the vast Troodos mountain range, covered with pine, dwarf oak, cypress and cedar, with Mount Olympus, 1952 m high above sea level. The total forest area is 18, 74% of the total territory of Cyprus. There are 2 salt lakes in Cyprus, one of which is used for salt extraction.


Monetary unit – Euro, accepted throughout the country. In large shopping centers, hotels and restaurants, credit cards of the largest international payment systems are accepted. Banks are open from 08.30 to 12.30 daily, except Saturday and Sunday. Some banks of the tourist area are open in the afternoon.