FLIGHT – ex Steam Locomotive to Cuba – a bright and distinctive group whose music is filled with sun and fun! Songs of the Airplane are diverse and do not resemble one another – and each carries wisdom and warmth. Each second song is written on poems by young but very talented poets! FLIGHT is the ONLY SURREAL- PANK PETER GROUP! One of the main hopes of the national rock scene!

We believe in word of mouth! And we will be glad if you invite your friends to our group! Send them our favorite songs and you will be happy! WORLD !

It was founded in 2006. At the moment, 4 albums have been recorded, this year the release of the 5th is planned.

The composition of the group: Seryozha Steam locomotive – vocals, guitar, ukulele, balalaika, harmonica, dances and fun, Sasha Shibeko – guitar, Vocal Sergey Kuvin – bass guitar, vocals, violin, flute Alexander Kapachinsky – drums Vladimir Bekyashev – guitar Kirillov Antonov – vocals, percussion is also the eighth participant – the unique Martyn Apezyanych (or Marlyusha) – a small cute doggie who sings and dances to the joy of everyone =)

What else to read? Cub-a Hostel is a capsule hostel.