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If heaven exists on earth, then his name is the island of Cuba. The picture that appears before the eyes of a foreigner accidentally or deliberately wandered into these parts – azure bays, sandy beaches and eternal summer – cannot but lead to the thought of acquiring real estate. The territory of the capital of Cuba, Havana, is a leader in attractiveness for those who decide to look after a house or apartment. The peculiarity of this luxurious and fabulous city is that, on the one hand, it is a resort, and on the other hand, it is a big city in which, if you try, you can get all the fruits of Western civilization, from a baby monitor for babies to a Ferrari car.

The most important documents for buying property in Cuba, no matter how trite it sounds, are money and an identity card. However, on this island, as in many other places on the globe, there is a simple but iron rule that states that the law is the only and undeniable argument for foreigners.

As you, obviously, know, on the island of Cuba there is no private real estate as such. Local residents do not have it either, that is, Cubans. Since they are not property owners, it is therefore impossible to buy property from them. If you run the risk of acquiring a land plot or building for construction through numerous exchange transactions, then, upon completion of construction, you will most likely expect an unpleasant surprise. Local authorities, patiently waiting for the completion of the land purchase transaction or the completion of the housing construction process, will confiscate everything that is “acquired by excessive labor”.

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