Cuba Bandos Island, Maldives

Cayo Largo del Sur (“Pelican Island”) is the second largest island of the Canarreos archipelago, located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, 177 km south of Varadero and Havana. Pristine nature will charm those who want to hide from the bustle of the city. In small houses surrounded by tropical vegetation and flowers, you can find all modern conveniences and, without denying yourself anything, stay alone with nature.

The waters of the Caribbean Sea are warmer than the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the northern coast of Cuba, which leads to richer marine life off the coast of the island. Even when it is cloudy in Varadero, over Cayo Largo there is almost always a clear sky and a calm turquoise sea caressing the snow-white sandy shores. The island (or rather, a small group of islands) serves as a refuge for hundreds of birds: flamingos, hummingbirds, gray herons and many others.

The hallmark of the island of Cayo Largo are amazing beaches that stretch more than 20 km. The sand on the island is shallow and soft, the water is crystal clear, its temperature never drops below 26 ° C. The depths of the sea around the archipelago provide incomparable opportunities for snorkeling and photography. Mysterious tunnels and steep walls with rich marine fauna offer divers about 30 dive points.

Snorkeling with a mask and flippers by the coral reefs, boat trips with cocktails and fruits, water skiing, socializing with the good-natured local iguanas living in the nearby reserve – these and other entertainments complement the natural beauty of the island. You can get around the whole island in one day, but you want to stay on it, at least for a month. You can move around the island not only on foot, but also by bicycle, by car or in tourist trains.

The infrastructure has everything necessary for a tourist to be satisfied with his stay on this paradise island. There are all conditions for outdoor activities. Tired of exploring the pristine beaches of Cayo Largo, you can do water sports, horse riding and cycling, fishing, tennis, and in the evening go on a colorful performance to one of the hotels on the island.