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Varadero is a resort city located in the north of Cuba, 130 kilometers from Havana. It was first mentioned in 1555, while the resort area was opened in 1872. However, the city began to develop actively only in the first half of the twentieth century. Today it is the most famous and popular resort destination in all of Cuba. In 1992, the beaches of Varadero were recognized by UNESCO as one of the cleanest beaches in the world. Their length is about 20 kilometers.

Varadero is considered an open area only for tourists, but for local residents this area is closed, and entry there is made only through special checkpoints.

RegionNorth Cuba

Number of population

17,000 people


1555 year


87 km²

Population density

100 people / km²


cuban peso


UTC –5; summer UTC –4

Postal code


International dialing code


Climate and weather

The climate here is subequatorial tropical (monsoon). Hot weather lasts throughout the year, in summer the average temperature reaches + 30 … + 35 ºС, and in winter it is +25 ºС (but can drop to +19 ºС). The humidity level is quite high due to climatic features and geographical location – up to 81%.

Sometimes tropical storms fall on this territory, usually this occurs during the rainy season, which lasts from late spring to mid-autumn. The amount of precipitation reaches 1500 mm, and all of them fall in the form of rain. Thanks to such conditions, the tourist season lasts almost the whole year here.


Varadero is famous for its white beaches and clear waters of the Atlantic coast. The beauty of nature cannot leave anyone indifferent. Here you can endlessly admire exotic plants, trees and flowers, as well as the magnificence of the underwater world.

Due to the abundance of red-colored soils, a huge amount of fruits (mainly citrus fruits) and vegetables grow here, without which no national dish can be imagined. In coastal areas large caves are formed.


The whole city can rightfully be considered one of the great attractions of the planet. The oldest architectural structures that attract visitors like a magnet are preserved here. One of these buildings is the church of Iglesia de Santa Elvira, made in the colonial style. Also in Varadero it is worth seeing one of the largest two-story forts founded in 1897.