Lidojumi Riga - Kuba no 556

Due to frequent rains, June cannot be called a favorable time for a trip to Cuba. On average, more than 180 mm of precipitation falls on the island over ten days, and high humidity (81%) and heat (more than + 30 ° C) make the stay in the country’s resorts not at all comfortable. Although tropical downpours, accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning, and sometimes hail, do not last long – from half an hour to two hours, even during this time they can flood entire streets. With the approach of bad weather, tourists are encouraged to return to the hotel, and free time can be spent in Cuban restaurants and bars.

Should I go to Cuba in the summer?

After the rain, the heat returns to the streets and beaches of Cuba, and the water evaporates quickly. Such weather surprises are mostly liked by extreme travelers, but lovers of a traditional beach holiday should better postpone their visit to Liberty Island until the start of winter, when the high season starts in Cuba.

What to take to Cuba in June?

Those who nevertheless dare to come here in July despite the bad weather, will definitely need to take sun cream, which in the summer has a fairly aggressive effect, as well as hats. Umbrellas, raincoats and waterproof jackets can of course also be put in luggage, but they are unlikely to save from a real tropical rain. But what is worth taking with you on the road is rubber boots – of course, it will be inconvenient to carry them with you, but if the weather takes you far away from the hotel, they can be very useful on the way back. Each traveler should also have with them a small first-aid kit with antiseptics, because in conditions of high humidity even a small wound can easily fester.