Best Beaches of the World: beach

What is the best beach in the world for me? These are: – clean, transparent and fairly calm water — convenient entry into the water — in order to swim I don’t have to go 100 meters knee-high — the cleanliness of the beach. The best option: coral white sand, which in the sun does not heat up like a frying pan – a minimum of people. If sausages are launched on the beach by parachute, aquabike rattles and mothers squeal with their children — this beach sucks is the maximum of wildlife: I love that there should be something other than seal laying next to the beach for I can’t lie for more than 5 minutes

I am often asked what countries or places on earth where there are good beaches I recommended. I took and compiled my personal rating of beaches around the world. The rating is called: the best beaches on Earth that I like. Places on the list do not matter, but the best quality beaches of course on the islands of the Caribbean.

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I do not impose my recommendations on anyone, and the list has been compiled based on the places on Earth where I have been until today:

Panama. Beaches of the Saint-BlasPanama Archipelago. Pearl Islands Beaches

Dominican Republic: Barahona and Pedernales Beach – the best beaches of the Dominican Republic (Playa de las Aguilas)

Honduras. Cayos Cochinos Islands and Roatan Island

Greece. Beaches on the island of Kefalonia Greece. Beaches on the island of Lefkada, Greece. Toroni Beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki

Croatia. Beaches of the island of HvarItaly. Northern beaches of Sardinia

Thailand. The best beach in Phuket

Indonesia. Gili Meno Island, Trawangan, Indonesia. Uninhabited beaches near Labuan Bajo, Flores, a red beach on Komodo Island

Malaysia. Beaches of the Perhentian Islands Malaysia. Beaches of Redang Island

Philippines. Islands near the island of Coron, Busuang, Philippines. Boracay Island

Tanzania. Northern beaches of Zanzibar island

Australia. Mackenzie and Wabby Lakes on Fraser Island, Queensland